Smart Moves Toronto

“Seriously, when I tell people about the little things you’ve done and all the extra effort to make all of this possible, they are in awe and tell me I must have an amazing agent. Which we do:)”

E. W.

“Wow! What an experience! And you were there with me the whole way. You were always available, calm, sooo knowledgeable and ever the professional. You always listened to me (even, sometimes, to things I didn’t actually say). Your marketing skills are impeccable. Even at the table last night, I knew I could rely on your advice. So now, I’ve been added to the list of satisfied clients.”

E. S.

“Dear Don: We had a very difficult mandate and we kept changing the goal posts. Not once did you tire or get frustrated even when we were struggling with a nutty market. Your extremely hard work, late nights, and good counsel are so much appreciated."


“We’re loving the neighbourhood and the house! Thank you again for everything you did for us. I admit that we went into a little ‘Shirley withdrawal’ after it was all said and done:) You truly are a great real estate agent!”

S. H.

“Thank you once again for all your help, you’re amazing at your job and I’m very happy with the choice I made. If it’s ok with you I would be happy to refer you to any of my friends or colleagues who may also be looking to make a move.”

I. B.

“Shirley is always very professional and smiley. She is clearly an experienced realtor and we were able to rely greatly on her advice. She keeps her cool in stressful situations and has very good negotiating skills. All along we felt at ease and respected her very much. She never applied pressure on us and managed to guide us very well at every step of the way. It has been a very pleasant experience to work with Shirley because she understood our needs immediately and has been very flexible and accommodating. We definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a fully professional service!! Thank you Shirley, you are an excellent realtor!!”

J. V.

“Thank you for all of your help getting us out of our condo and into our new house! We couldn’t be happier! We really do believe the Universe collided us with Don; just the right character at just the right time to transform our ‘two year plan’ into a ‘two month plan’. We are very grateful for that happenstance!"

L.L. & A.L